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Give the gift of fitness.

Is there someone in your life who has talked about getting in shape but needs that little extra motivation? Get them the headstart they need to a healthy lifestyle by giving them the gift of fitness.

Safer than cash. If the Gift Card is lost or stolen, the unspent amount can be replaced.

Can be used immediately. Unlike a check, which needs to be cashed or deposited, the X-Team Gift Card can be used immediately after it's been activated.

More personal than cash, checks or gift certificates. The recipient's name is printed on the X-Team Gift Card along with a personal message from you.

How Gift Cards work
For the purchaser. Buy a Gift Card with your credit or check card just like you would purchase a store gift certificate.

For the recipient. Use it just like a credit card for purchases up to the Gift Card amount.

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Im approaching 47, and previous to X-Team I felt that it was, essentially,  unavoidable that every year I would put on a few more pounds and lose some energy. In the past, I would lift weights at the Y and run around the neighborhood, but those efforts only slowed my fitness descent. Now, however, I am in, what I would consider, to be great shape for my age. I now think that my overall health and fitness can improve as I get older. Also, I go to the 6 p.m. workout and it has become a big  . . . more